Home Efficiency Audits

This is the first step in your energy saving process. Our comprehensive home assessments will evaluate how much energy your home consumes and identify measures you can take to improve your efficiency and save you money. On average, you can save 5-30% on your electric bill by making efficiency upgrades identified in your home energy audit.

Did you know? The average home has enough air leakage to add up to a 2 square foot hole - the equivalent of leaving a medium sized window open 24 hours a day!

Solar Systems Installation

Advances in technology combined with Federal and State tax incentives have made renewable energy more accessible and affordable than ever! With climate change threatening the planet and rising utility rates threatening your wallet - the time to make the switch to solar is now!

Using only top quality products and the latest in photovoltaic technology, we offer full service residential, commercial, and agricultural solar systems design and installation.

Our solar systems are customized to your home or busines and designed to meet your specific energy needs and visions for the future. Pricing and savings vary based on location, size, roof angle, and local utility rates.

By "Going Solar" you can take control over rising energy costs, establish your own energy independence, save money on your monthly untility bill, reduce CO2 emissions, and do your part to create a cleaner world and bright, sustainable future!

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